20 Reasons You Should Include PPC Advertising In Your Marketing Campaign

reasons to use ppc advertising

There are a number of reasons to use PPC advertising in your marketing campaign, but lets go over our top 20 reasons!

1. Increased Visibility

PPC ads are highly visible and appear at the top of search engine results pages when people look for services or products related to your brand.

Businesses can target their ideal customers with PPC ads as they allow you to choose who sees your ad, based on a variety of criteria like location, language, and device.

This means that you can make sure that your ads are seen by the people who would be most interested in your product or service. The more people see your PPC ad every day the more likely they are to remember your brand name and consider using your service in the future.

2. Targeted Advertising

PPC advertising allows you to target specific demographics and interests, so you can focus your ad campaigns on those who are more likely to convert.

You can also set up different campaigns for different audiences, allowing you to reach a wide range of potential customers.

3. Cost-Effective

Getting started with PPC advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. You can begin a campaign with any budget you choose and adjust it accordingly as your business grows.

You can start by creating simple campaigns, split-testing them, and optimizing them for maximum results. Additionally, there are a variety of tools available to help you manage and measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

As a professional PPC agency in Toronto we will ensure you get the most out of your PPC budget.

4. Measurable Results

PPC campaigns provide detailed tracking and reporting, allowing you to measure performance and adjust tactics as needed.

With PPC campaigns, you can track impressions, clicks, conversions, and other metrics that give you insight into the success of your campaigns. You can know that the money you are spending on PPC ads is resulting in purchases or phone calls for your company.

Additionally, you can use A/B testing to compare different ad versions or target audiences to find out which approach works best for your business.

5. Flexibility

PPC campaigns provide a high level of flexibility, allowing you to target specific audiences in various ways.

You can choose to target specific locations, demographics, devices, days of the week or time of day, and more.

Additionally, you can adjust your ad budget as needed and create multiple versions of your ads for testing purposes. This allows you to find out what works best for your business and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

6. Easy and quick to Setup

PPC campaigns are quick and easy to set up. With the right tools and guidance, you can get your campaign running in a matter of minutes.

You can also make changes and adjust settings as needed without having to start from scratch. This makes it easy to optimize your campaign for maximum effectiveness. 

Furthermore, PPC campaigns provide detailed tracking and reporting, so you can monitor results and adjust your tactics as needed. This helps ensure that each campaign is tailored to meet your specific goals.

7. Competitive Edge

By using PPC, you can outbid competitors and get your ads seen by potential customers first. This is especially useful if your website doesn’t rank well in organic search results.

Additionally, you can use PPC to target specific audiences who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

This means that you’re more likely to reach the people who are likely to convert. This gives you a competitive edge over your competitors and helps ensure that your PPC campaigns generate the maximum return on investment (ROI).

8. Branding Opportunities

PPC advertising is an effective way to build brand awareness and recognition. With PPC, you can create ads that will be seen by potential customers and they’ll know who you are.

You can also use PPC to target specific audiences and create campaigns that are tailored to their interests or needs.

This allows you to reach the right people and build relationships with them, making your brand more recognizable.

Additionally, PPC campaigns offer detailed tracking and reporting, so you can measure your performance and adjust tactics as needed.

9. Better Quality Traffic

PPC advertising can bring in higher-quality traffic than organic searches because it is more focused and targeted.

With PPC, you can target specific audiences who are likely to be interested in your products or services. You can choose a specific location, device, time of day, and keywords that will attract users searching for what you offer.

This results in more qualified leads, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.

Additionally, PPC campaigns provide detailed tracking and reporting so that you can measure performance and adjust tactics as needed. This helps you maximize the ROI of your advertising budget.

10. Long-Term Benefits

PPC advertising can offer long-term benefits that extend beyond the end of the campaign. With continued optimization and testing, PPC campaigns can become more efficient and effective over time, resulting in increased visibility, higher quality leads, and better ROI.

Additionally, with a properly managed campaign, you can maintain your position within the search engine rankings by outbidding competitors and keeping your ads visible.

Moreover, PPC campaigns can be used to supplement organic search engine optimization efforts, leading to even more visibility and higher quality leads.

Finally, if you choose to use re-targeting with your PPC campaign, you can keep your brand in front of potential customers long after they’ve left your site.

11. Re-Targeting

Re-targeting with PPC advertising is a great way to re-engage potential customers who have already interacted with your website or app. With re-targeting, you can target ads to specific audiences based on their previous activity and behavior. This can help increase conversions and ROI by targeting relevant users that are more likely to purchase. Re-targeting also allows you to maintain a constant presence in the market and build relationships with customers.

By using re-targeting with your PPC campaigns, you can maximize the potential of your marketing budget and better serve potential customers who are likely to make purchases. This helps ensure that you are getting the most out of every advertising dollar spent.

Additionally, re-targeting with PPC campaigns allows you to customize messages to different audiences and easily change ad copy and messaging as needed. This ensures that your ads are always relevant and engaging for potential customers. 

12. Enhances Organic Traffic

PPC campaigns can help boost organic search traffic by increasing visibility and brand recognition. 

By including PPC advertising in your marketing campaign, you can take advantage of these benefits and maximize the ROI for your business.

Please be aware that Paid Ads are not a substitute for organic SEO efforts. It is important to have a balance between organic SEO efforts and Paid.

13. Quicker Results

PPC campaigns can generate results quickly compared to traditional marketing methods. Ad optimization and keyword targeting are essential for success, but the turnaround time is much shorter than with other forms of advertising.

With PPC, you can launch a campaign and start seeing results almost immediately—allowing you to take advantage of opportunities as soon as they arise.

You can also measure performance in real-time and adjust tactics accordingly. This makes PPC an ideal choice for businesses that want to make the most of their marketing budget and get the best possible return on investment. 

By quickly getting your message in front of potential customers, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize conversions.

14. Increased Control

PPC campaigns give you precise control over your budget, allowing you to set daily limits or adjust budgets as needed. This gives you the flexibility to start small and scale up your campaign when needed. You can also closely monitor performance and make changes on the fly in order to maximize ROI.

Advanced targeting options also let you tailor campaigns to specific audiences and locations for maximum effectiveness. You can target by demographics, interests, online behavior, past customers, and more. This allows you to create highly targeted campaigns that are much more likely to convert than generic ads.

With PPC, you also have control over the timing of your campaigns. You can choose when to run your ads, allowing you to take advantage of timely opportunities and seasonal trends.

15. Greater Reach

PPC campaigns have the potential to reach a much larger audience than other marketing methods, allowing businesses to expand their reach beyond organic search traffic.

With PPC advertising, businesses can target specific audiences based on geography, demographics, interests, and more. This helps ensure that ads are seen by people who are most likely to be interested in them and thus increases the chances of a successful campaign.

Furthermore, PPC campaigns can be used to complement organic search or social media campaigns, allowing businesses to reach an even wider audience and increase their overall visibility online.

16. Scalability

PPC campaigns are highly scalable, meaning that they can be adjusted as needed to meet various demands or maximize return on investment (ROI).

With PPC, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease your budget based on performance, target specific locations and demographics, modify ad copy and design, or adjust the time of day your ads are shown. 

This scalability makes PPC a great option for businesses of all sizes and budgets. By adjusting campaigns according to performance, you can ensure that you get the most out of every dollar spent on advertising.

Furthermore, by monitoring data and making timely adjustments, you can maximize ROI and maximize the visibility of your brand online. 

17. Usually Very Profitable

PPC campaigns can be incredibly profitable for businesses of all sizes. With its high ROI and the ability to tailor campaigns according to budget, PPC offers a great opportunity for businesses to maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Plus, since you’re only paying when someone clicks on your ad, it’s much more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods.

PPC campaigns also provide detailed tracking and reporting, allowing you to measure performance and adjust tactics as needed to ensure that your ROI remains high.

18. Automation

Automation can be an effective tool for PPC advertising, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

Automated bidding strategies enable you to set rules for when and how much to bid on keywords and ad placements, meaning you can spend less time managing your campaigns and more time focusing on other tasks.

Automated rules also help you manage your budget more efficiently, as you can set rules to cap bids or switch off campaigns when an allocated budget has been reached.

Automation also enables you to focus on different goals such as impressions, clicks or conversions, allowing you to adjust tactics accordingly and capture the most value from each ad campaign.

Through automation, businesses can gain a competitive edge and maximize their return on investment with PPC.

19. Cost-Per-Action Model

Another advantage of PPC advertising is the cost-per-action (CPA) model, which allows you to pay only when an action is completed such as a purchase or sign up.

This type of model provides businesses with an effective way to track and measure ROI, as well as the ability to manage costs more effectively. By using a CPA model, businesses can also focus their efforts on high-value targets with greater accuracy, allowing them to maximize their return on investment.

20. Better Understanding of customers

PPC campaigns can help you better understand your customers’ needs and behaviors, allowing you to optimize your strategies and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

You can use analytics and customer feedback to better understand what keywords customers are using when they’re searching, and how they interact with your ads.

This information will allow you to refine keyword selection, target audiences more accurately, create more compelling ad copy, develop stronger creative campaigns, optimize bids more effectively and track customer journeys through the sales funnel.

Additionally, you can use A/B testing to identify the best ad copy, creative and landing page design for maximum conversions.

To Conclude

These reasons are why you should consider adding PPC advertising to your marketing campaign. When done right, it can be highly effective in driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing conversions. If you’re looking for an effective way to reach more customers and get the most out of your marketing budget, then PPC advertising is a great option.

By implementing a well-thought-out PPC campaign and utilizing these key benefits, businesses can see great results from their efforts. PPC campaigns can help you reach a wider audience, target specific audiences, measure performance and adjust tactics quickly, and much more. With the right strategy and approach, you can get the most out of your PPC campaigns and drive better results for your business.

If you’re ready to get started on your next PPC campaign, then be sure to contact us. We can help you create the perfect strategy for success.