What is Pay Per
Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising (also known as PPC) is showing your ad to customers and only paying when someone clicks on your ad. The most popular platform for PPC advertising is Google Adwords. Using Google Adwords means that you advertisement will show up at the top of search results and will be seen by people making searches for what you are offering. Working with a PPC agency in Toronto like Daylight Digital can help you get quick leads and sales.

Using PPC means you’ll show up above all of the natural search results (that are achieved through search engine optimization) and have customers finding you instantly once you start the ads.

Advertising Benefits

Using Google Ads (a.k.a. pay-per-click) allows you to target the right people at the right time with the right message. You can target people who are more likely to purchase your service or product, and build a ‘remarketing list’ of people who visit your website so you can market to them in the future.

Working with a Google Ads agency allows you to have a measurable return on investment (ROI) so you can track your sales compared to what you are paying for clicks to your website. This makes it clear on whether your marketing dollars are being well spent. Poorly managed PPC campaigns may lose you money, but well-managed ones can have a fantastic ROI.

Why Choose Us As
Your PPC Agency?

We know what it takes to design a powerful pay-per-click strategy. Using the right keywords and targeting the right people with the right message is how we save you money while producing great results. Our pay-per-click specialists can setup your Google Adwords account, optimize it, and manage it monthly so you get leads coming every month.