SEO For Law Firms

Being a law firm or lawyer means you’re in a highly competitive industry. Marketing your services to possible clients and having clients find you can be difficult and expensive. Luckily, SEO gives law firms the capability to get easily found by people who need lawyers.

Law firm SEO allows your site to get found on search engines for the range of different services you offer. This results in lots of leads for your firm. So if your law firm is not doing SEO and not on the 1st page of Google for the services you offer in your city, then read on to see how Daylight Digital’s SEO for law firms can help your law firm website with search engine optimization.

Law Firm SEO Case Study

We started working with a law firm in Ottawa, Canada with a goal of getting to the 1st page of Google for 20 main keywords that we decided on based on the services they offer. Ottawa is a very competitive city for lawyers in Canada so we knew this wouldn’t be easy.

When we first started the SEO work they were not ranking in the top 100 positions for most of the 20 keywords we were targeting. And none of their current top 100 keywords were anywhere near the 1st page of Google. Even though they had a nice looking website, structured well and the site had already been around for many years prior, they just hadn’t done any search engine optimization.

Through a combination of backlink building, website optimization, Google Business optimization, directory listings, and a couple of our secret SEO techniques we were able to get them to the 1st page of Google for a bunch of high value keywords, and on the second page for a bunch more so far.

This means people in Ottawa searching for these keywords in the images below are going to see this client’s website and likely check it out to see if they are a good fit to work with.

Below are the keyword rankings of the website on Jan 2, 2021 versus Sep 20, 2022. You’ll see the massive increase from when we started their SEO versus where they are now.

law firm keyword rankings chart part 1
law firm seo keyword rankings chart part 2

This has resulted in an increase in impressions for the website in Google (see image below)

lawyers website seo search impressions graph

And here is a chart of their estimated traffic in Ahrefs (SEO tool)

another chart showing the website traffic of a law firm increase through search engine optimization

Interested In doing SEO for your law firm?

If you are a lawyer or law firm that wants to do search engine optimization to get your website to the 1st page of Google, we'd be happy to help.

The SEO work I do for law firms includes:

A website audit - We will audit your site for any issues, errors or things that we believe are hindering your site and provide recommendations to fix them. We will then make those fixes with your approval.

Keyword Research - We will find the best keywords for your website to target so that you get more relevant leads and overall revenue when you get to the 1st page of search engines.

On-site SEO - All the changes made on your website to improve your positioning in Google and other search engines. This includes adding target keywords to different pages, changing meta titles, adding alt text to images, changing page titles, and more.

Off-site SEO - All the tasks we do off of your site to improve your rankings in search engines. This includes backlink building, directory listings, citation building, and more.

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