Website design (or website development) is the process of designing and developing a website, either through a content management system like WordPress, or by scratch using manual coding and templates.

At Daylight Digital, as a website design company we prefer to work with WordPress to develop websites since it provides plenty of freedom and is easy for clients to understand how to use in the case that they want to manage their own website after it’s built.

We can plan, design, and develop your website from just an idea of what you want. That means you’ll get a custom designed website for your business that works great with your existing brand. If you don’t have a brand developed yet we can assist you with that through Logo Design.


Nowadays if you aren’t marketing your business online then you’re missing out on lots of potential customers.

A website is the hub of all marketing efforts online, with the goal being to attract customers to your website in order for them to learn more about your business and then contact you.

Having a website is important because if people hear about your business through a friend or referral they’ll likely want to look you up online to learn more about you. If you don’t have a website it will be difficult to build trust and credibility with potential customers and you may lose out on their business.

That means it is important that you have a stunning website that will create a strong first-impression. Having a junk, old looking website can harm your business more than it can help sometimes.


We are experts at building websites that attract the attention of potential customers, keep them engaged, and lead to them contacting you about your services.

We never settle with ‘one template fits all’ for businesses. We come up with a unique and effective design for every website that we build to ensure it will stand out from competitors and make your ideal customer want to contact you.

Our websites load fast, look gorgeous, and rank well on search engines with search engine optimization tactics built right in.

Most importantly, we charge a fair price based on the features you want on your website, how complex the design is, and how many pages your website will be. We can work with your budget to create something within your price range that will be effective in bringing in new customers.